Social Distancing Got You Down? Connect With Us Over A Few Stories

Once Upon A Time

Hello Dear Reader!

Darian writing this. Laureen and I wanted to make a podcast to share some positivity with you. We don’t yet know what the future holds but I believe stories can prepare us for what is ahead. So while you are stocking up on ramen noodles, canned goods, and toilet paper, don’t forget to stock up on plenty of stories. Start with an extra story here or there when you can. Once you’ve got a few stories to spare, I recommend building up a 3-month supply as the next step.

Most stories will last for years so they are always a good investment. You never know when life will throw you a curve-ball and that story from your mother (back when you were a kid) will be the perfect thing to get you through a hard day, a hard year, or even a hard decade or two.

We just got our feed up and going on Apple, Stitcher, and a bunch more. You can subscribe to listen to our trailer. After that, you can anticipate that first episode to find its way down your chimney and under your podcast feed the first weekend in April 2020.

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