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This is Darian. In this episode, I shared a story from another podcast called Wolf 359. There is some truly fantastic work that has gone into it. This leads to a discussion about someone’s worth even if they have caused irreparable harm in the past.

Laureen talks about a movie called A Girl Like Her. It is about a bully who goes through the painful process of realizing she is a bully. I also share my past experience with the topic.

We would like to express our grief and sadness about George Floyd’s tragic murder at the hands of police officers. We recorded this episode before his death so we don’t talk about it. But the ideas we talk about – redemption and worth after a tragedy, along with bullying in ignorance – can certainly help us as we try to learn lessons, heal, and correct the broken parts of our society. Murder is always disturbing. But there is something especially disturbing when it is committed by someone to whom we entrust with great authority. This has shined a spotlight on a very ugly reality that many people are forced to live every day. I truly believe that stories define who we are. We all have toxic stories in our heads and hearts that can cause us to jump to very wrong and very bad conclusions that hurt people. To rid ourselves of these toxins, I’ve found that one of the best antidotes is good stories. This is your first homework assignment: Get to know someone that looks different than you. Preferably, this is someone that will be a little scary to you. Ask him or her to share a story that is meaningful. Then go to shareastory.fm/MyNewFriendsStory and share that story with us as a comment. Also, share what you learned about this person. What did you think about them that wasn’t true? We want to know about your experience! We will share some of your comments on future episodes.

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