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SASP Ep6 – Wolf 359 and A Girl Like Her

Hello Dear Listener, This is Darian. In this episode, I shared a story from another podcast called Wolf 359. There is some truly fantastic work that has gone into...

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Hello, Dear Reader, Laureen here. When my first baby was born, my perspectives changed forever. One of the first moments when I realized that is when I sat down...

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My New Friend’s Story (Challenge)

Hello dear reader, Darian here. The two of us would like to express our grief and sadness about George Floyd’s tragic murder at the hands of police officers. Murder...

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SASP Ep5 – Peder and the Water Sprite

Hello Dear Listener, This is Darian writing right now. When Laureen and I decided to start this podcast, we wanted it to mainly be us talking with each other...

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SASP Ep4 – Field of Dreams

Hello Dear Listener, Darian here. Today, you get the second part of a conversation the two of us started last episode with Laureen telling me all about Jane Eyre....

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SASP Ep3 – Jane Eyre

Hello Dear Listener. Laureen is writing this. In this episode Darian and I talk about one of my favorite books, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. We talk about how...

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SASP ep2 – Our Landlady Had A Mental Illness

Hello Dear Listener, The two of us share a story about when we had to rent a basement apartment from a couple that had to deal with bipolar disorder....

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SASP s1ep1 – Organ Enchantment and The Alchemist

Hello Dear Listener! Darian Here. Laureen and I have been so excited to launch our OFFICIAL FIRST EPISODE!!! I share a story from my amazing sister. You can find...

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Social Distancing Got You Down? Connect With Us Over A Few Stories

Once Upon A Time Hello Dear Reader! Darian writing this. Laureen and I wanted to make a podcast to share some positivity with you. We don’t yet know what...

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Share A Story Trailer

Share A Story Podcast: Stories that empower, uplift, and heal. We share stories that both entertain and give strength. Website: https://ShareAStory.fm Twitter: @ShareAStoryfm Instagram: @ShareAStoryfm Facebook: facebook.com/ShareAStoryfm We are...

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