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Hello Dear Visitor!

We make this podcast because we want to share something meaningful with you. What has meant the most to us, more than careers, money, and fame are the stories we’ve heard, lived, and bonded over.

We hope you gain something from listing to this podcast. We want to give you something that can make you stronger, wiser, and healthier. Don’t get me wrong. We are not the strongest, wisest, or the healthiest people you’ve ever met. But we know stories bestow strength, wisdom, and health. We know because we have received those things from stories.

What can you expect from this podcast? You will listen to me and my wife, telling each other stories. They might be true stories that we’ve lived through or heard. They might be from history. But they might also be from novels, movies, or even cartoons. The only rule we have is that the stories must be meaningful.

We sincerely wish you the best. And we ALWAYS want more stories. If you would like to share a story with the two of us, please reach out to us as we would love to receive them!


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