Month: June 2020

SASP Ep6 – Wolf 359 and A Girl Like Her

Hello Dear Listener, This is Darian. In this episode, I shared a story from another podcast called Wolf 359. There is some truly fantastic work that has gone into it. This leads to a discussion about someone’s worth even if they have caused irreparable harm in the past. Laureen talks about a movie called A…

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Hello, Dear Reader, Laureen here. When my first baby was born, my perspectives changed forever. One of the first moments when I realized that is when I sat down to accomplish something and put on a crime drama. Suddenly, I burst into tears. I suddenly understood that although these stories were fiction, somewhere in the…

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My New Friend’s Story (Challenge)

Hello dear reader, Darian here. The two of us would like to express our grief and sadness about George Floyd’s tragic murder at the hands of police officers. Murder is always disturbing. But there is something especially disturbing when it is committed by someone to whom we entrust with great authority. This has shined a…

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