Month: April 2020

SASP Ep3 – Jane Eyre

Hello Dear Listener. Laureen is writing this. In this episode Darian and I talk about one of my favorite books, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. We talk about how most classics read in junior high and high school tend to be sad and depressing. And how refreshing it was to read a book that left…

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SASP ep2 – Our Landlady Had A Mental Illness

Hello Dear Listener, The two of us share a story about when we had to rent a basement apartment from a couple that had to deal with bipolar disorder. Neither of us had a lot of experience with mental illness when this happened, so we learned a lot and grew a lot. Do you have…

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SASP s1ep1 – Organ Enchantment and The Alchemist

Hello Dear Listener! Darian Here. Laureen and I have been so excited to launch our OFFICIAL FIRST EPISODE!!! I share a story from my amazing sister. You can find the story and artwork here: Laureen shares how The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo changed the way she sees the world. Other things we discuss: Atomic…

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